Phuket climate can be described as “tropical”. A dry season from November to April. Warm and dry season with the occasional thunderstorm or rain shower. From May to October, the wetter season will have sunshine and at times some rain. The climate remains hot all year round.

Phuket is in the southern part of Thailand and has been used to welcoming foreigners for decades now. Having thousands of westerners living in Phuket has led to acceptance and happy co habitation between natives and foreigners. The Thai population does not expect or receive free government handouts so everyone works or supports a business.

WAY OF LIFE: It can only be described as relaxed, the feeling of freedom is overwhelming. In Phuket all Thai people work somehow, and are very family orientated in general. The Buddhist culture is a calming one which encourages self respect and respect of others. Thai people love to eat, shop for food every day, every street corner has stalls selling fresh dishes and local fruit.

Thai style is the local daily markets. Those markets are colorful and mix all types of food prepared in front of you and some clothing or utility products. Every town also has now at least one small supermarket like tesco lotus or big C.
Western style is enjoying the Thai style plus the large shopping centers for western foods and clothing. Those centers are ever increasing in Phuket. Expats feel they can now find everything in Phuket.

With 25 beaches you have a unique choice to find your favorite spot. All are so different, the sand, water, natural surroundings change at each beach discovery.
Some are 100% sleepy with near to no facilities or traders, some others host some of the most famous beach clubs in the world like Cafe Del Mar or Catch Beach Club.

Thai food of course, you can eat from food stalls a meal for the price of a can of coke in Europe. Equally there are some 5 star hotels or high end restaurants that will happily dent your credit card. In Phuket all budgets find a happy place to eat. There are also dozens of French, Italian, Indian, German, Japanese, American etc etc restaurants.

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