Which areas of Phuket are the least impacted by the COVID-19 and where is it interesting to invest in 2021?


The impact of Covid-19 on the world tourism

The Covid-19 that emerged in early 2019 has had an unprecedented impact on global tourism. International tourism paused, many airlines shut down, Thailand has obviously been directly impacted, as tourism is one of its main sources of income.

The island of Phuket, whose economy is essentially based on tourism, has also been strongly impacted. If the revenues were wiped out, the nature, by the lack of frequentation and pollution, took back its rights. Turtles came to lay eggs on the beaches of northern Phuket. Fish and coral have never been so numerous. The beaches are more beautiful than ever.

The disappearance of tourists and the closure of a number of establishments has led to a displacement of some people and some activities to areas with more potential due to a concertation of expatriates and a diversity of sources of interest.


Deserted areas of Phuket

The areas of Phuket that have been most impacted are the most touristic areas. The areas where everything or almost everything revolved around tourism. Such as :

  • Patong
  • Karon
  • Kata
  • Naiyang
  • Cape Panwa

Even if since then, several companies are trying to restart especially with the sandbox program, these areas are almost deserted and most of the stores are closed.

However, the two areas that have remained open and frequented by foreigners are Rawai/Naiharn and Cherng Talay/Laguna due to a high concentration of expatriates living in Phuket year round.

The central areas of the island frequented by Thais also continued to experience activity. Areas like :

  • Phuket town
  • Talang
  • Chalong

sunset kid naiharn beach rawai phuket

Kamala to Cherng Talay / Laguna

The Kamala, Surin to Cherng Talay area has also been quite resilient to the COVID crisis. Many expatriates also live in this area.

The living environment is more upscale than in the south of the island. Notably through the many classified restaurants like the Catch beach club, Little-Paris but also the shopping malls and shopping areas like Boat-Avenue and Porto de Phuket. The Laguna complex has also contributed to keep the activity going.

catch beach club phuket thailand

Rawai / Naiharn

The Rawai district, where the beautiful Naiharn beach is located, has had the strongest resilience to COVID since the beginning of the crisis, so much so that it is now the most dynamic area for foreigners on the island.

Many restaurants have closed in various parts of the island and their owners have opened in Rawai. Many people left Patong during the first lockdown to live in Rawai.

Why Rawai? Again because of the large number of expatriates and therefore the possibility to continue to do business but also for the quality of life and its beautiful beaches. The most beautiful beaches of Phuket are around Rawai.

It is now very interesting to invest in Rawai because it is one of the cheapest areas of the island and it is possible, at this time, to make very good deals. Contact us for more information!

naiharn rawai beach phuket

It’s the right time to invest

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You will have understood, the 3 zones to be privileged for your real estate investments and residential investments on Phuket in 2021 are Kamala,  Cherng talay and Rawai. And it is not a coincidence if we have today an office in Cherng Talay in front of Villa Market, Kamala and Rawai.